Blog v2!

Tom Gullion

We refocused! Our first version was good but v2 will be even better. This new version focuses on helping musicians organize and manage gigs and concerts more easily. As we all know, sometimes getting everybody informed about gig details, set lists and last-minute substitutes can be a nightmare. This becomes tedious when you're managing multiple gigs and trying to make sure everybody has all the right information and is prepared. provides a great way to manage all those little details for your gigs, ensembles and music.

The major features included in this release are:

  • Dashboard for overview of upcoming gigs, your ensembles and your music
  • Easily manage people for your ensembles and gigs
  • Organize and share set lists
  • Effortlessly distribute music to your musicians
  • Automate notifications about updates to gigs, ensembles and music
  • Download all music for gigs or ensembles